About Us

WestJet Propulsion Pty Ltd is a marine waterjet and engineering company that services and repairs a range of recreational, commercial, fishing, patrol, ferry services etc. in Western Australia and the Northern Territory, Australia since 1985.

In 1985 Maritime Engineering Services P/L was servicing HamiltonJet Waterjets for the West Australian Distributor and continued to do so for a further six years, when an agreement was reached for MES to purchase Westjet Propulsion from its owner.

From its humble beginnings at Doepel Street, North Fremantle, to its current workshop in O'Connor, Western Australia, Westjet Propulsion P/L has since been a family owned and operated company selling and servicing and providing spare parts for HamiltonJet waterjets in Western Australia, Northern Territory, Cocos and the Christmas Islands since 1991.

Westjet Propulsion P/L now provides a 24 hours, 7 days a week customer service within the Western Australian Marine Industry. This service combined with a modern machine and engineering workshop, Westjet propulsion can supply a full maintenance program for all vessels up to 55m. 

Our current workshop has approx. 800 sq/m of factory floor space, 200 sq/m of office, store and showroom where our marine engineering extends to marine products supplies, fitting, machining and marine fabrication and modification, hydraulics, electrical and electronics, underwater equipment, welding. Driveshaft and propeller repairs, exhaust and steering repairs. 

  • The trusted name in Jet Technology

    HamiltonJet waterjets are manufactured at the CWF Hamilton & Co factory in Christchurch, New Zealand. The factory is dedicated solely to the manufacture of waterjets and control systems, with the majority of components engineered inhouse.

    All HamiltonJet waterjets are custom built to specifically suit each application, with most components for each unit manufactured together to ensure high quality of product and improve ongoing maintenance over the life of every waterjet which leaves the factory.

    Scope of Supply

    Unlike some manufacturers, HamiltonJet provides complete integrated waterjet packages. This includes transition duct, complete waterjet and controls for the jet.

    Where Hamilton electronic controls are used, the package can be configured to Dynamic Positioning (DP) systems, Autopilot systems, Engine and Gearbox control systems across one or more stations.

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