HJ Series

HJ Series Waterjets

HamiltonJet’s smaller range of waterjets – 8 models ranging from 200mm to 400mm diameter impellers. HJ waterjets are generally suitable for 6-20m craft, depending on the number of waterjets used, hull displacement, and the vessel’s application.
Control systems range from fully manual, to manual hydraulic to the electronic blue ARROW control system. HJ series waterjets are sold and supported through HamiltonJet’s extensive network of Distributors.

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HJ Series Graph
HJ Series Graph
  • HJ212 Water Jet

    Designed principally for Trailerable boats using petrol engines, the HJ212 is the most popular waterjet unit in the world. Setup options include a close coupling system to keep space taken by the engine/waterjet to a minimum, and the "Turbo" impeller, specifically designed for use in highly aerated water, such as river rapids and surf conditions.
    HJ212 Water Jet
  • HJ213 Water Jet

    The diesel engine equivalent of the HJ212 featuring more robust construction, comprehensive anode protection and hydraulic pump, cooler and cylinder for reverse control.
  • HJ241 Water Jet

    Bridging the gap between the HJ213 and the HJ274, the HJ241 offers better load carrying capability than the smaller models using the same engine power range.
  • HJ274 Water Jet

    The most successful commercial waterjet in the world, the HJ274 is without comparison in terms of performance, reliability and value for money. Continuing the legacy created by the popular 1031 waterjet, the HJ274 has proven to be highly verstile in a wide range of work and pleasure applications.
    HJ274 Water Jet
  • HJ292 Water Jet

    Another highly versatile waterjet popular for commercial and pleasure applications. The HJ292 is also the smallest HamiltonJet waterjet available with blue ARROW controls.
  • HJ322 Water Jet

    The HJ322 is fast becoming the propulsion of choice for the wave of 9-10m RIBs now joining Coast Guard and rescue organisations around the world. Providing excellent towing power and cavitation resistance, as well as high speed performance, the HJ322 can also be fitted with blue ARROW controls for enhance manoeuvrability.
    HJ322 Water Jet
  • HJ364 Water Jet

    HamiltonJet's most recent addition to its product range, the HJ364 replaces the HJ362 and incorporates many of the improved design features introduced with the HJ403.
  • HJ403 Water Jet

    More compact installation, improved reverse control and superior performance are all features of the HJ403 compared with its predecessor the HJ391.
    HJ403 Water Jet