Electronic Waterjet & Vessel Control Systems

HamiltonJet also designs and manufactures hydraulic and electronic control components for all the waterjet models.

Our electronic control systems can integrate with a range of other vessel systems, such as engine and gearbox controls, Autopilot, Voyage Data Recorders and Dynamic Positioning (DP) Systems to provide complete vessel manoeuvring control.

HamiltonJet offers the following options of Electronic Controls for small Jet and large Jet applications

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  • blue ARROW®

    blue ARROW® is a totally integrated electronic control package for single or twin water jet propelled vessels fitted with HJ292, HJ322, HJ364 or HJ403 model water jets.
    blueARROW allows even inexperienced boaters to harness the full manoeuvering benefits of water jets by providing simple control of engine throttle, gearbox and waterjet reverse and steering deflectors. In addition, blueARROW has many safety features including multiple levels of redundancy and a fully independent smart backup, together with comprehensive diagnostics and alarms.
    Central to blue ARROW’s ease of use is the innovative MouseBoatTM – the most intuitive docking control device available today and the next step in HamiltonJet’s evolution to bring the many manoeuvring advantages of water jet propulsion to the fingertips of all skippers.
    blue ARROW®
  • MouseBoat

    HamiltonJet’s MouseBoat is an innovative concept in low speed manoeuvring control for water jet powered boats. MouseBoat makes it extremely easy for anyone to manoeuvre a vessel safely in a wide range of operating conditions. Provides low speed cruise control with autopilot enabled or holding vessel against an object or dock from a single-handed device - Integrates controls for ahead/astern, steering and engine throttle.
  • JETanchor

    JETanchor provides a range of new capabilities with two automatic operational modes: ‘station keeping’ and ‘virtual anchor’ mode.
    The JETanchor positioning system (with a new mouseboat) is an addition to the current blue ARROW features and will allow marine operators the ability to use the new automatic modes for many operational requirements, as well as the existing manual manoeuvring mode.
    The ‘Station Keeping’ mode gives the operator the ability to automatically hold vessel position and heading more accurately than is possible using manual control.
    Selecting ‘Virtual Anchor’ mode allows the system to set a single GPS point ‘swing’ mooring for hands-free standby operations keeping the vessel in a comfortable position.
  • Modular Electronic Control System (MECS)

    The HamiltonJet Modular Electronic Control System (MECS) is a software configurable control system for waterjet steering and reverse, engine throttle and gearbox control. It comprises a number of standard modules which maybe connected together in varying combinations to build a vessel control system.
    Engine Control Module (ECM)
    Jet Hydraulic Power Unit (JHPU)
    Jet Control Module (JCM)
    Jet Junction Box (JJB)
    Control Panel Module (CPM)
    Power and Interlock Module (PIM)
    Helm Unit or Joystick
    Dual lever controller
    Hand Held Remote (HHR) - Optional - - The HHR provides a set of jet controls in a small portable unit which acts in exactly the same way as any other control station, except that it is carried on a neck-strap by the operator.
    MECS is available on HamiltonJet models HJ422 to HM811 inclusive and can apply to the following system configurations: Single Jet, Twin Jet, Triple Jet and Triple Jet, centre boost, Quadruple Jet and Quintuple Jet, centre boost. The modular nature of the MECS system means each station can be configured differently.
    Modular Electronic Control System (MECS)